Where to Buy Film Cameras

I've been fascinated with film cameras back in 2006 when fisheye lenses were a thing. I started playing with lomo cams and eventually transitioned to old point and shoot 35mm cameras. Back then it was easy to have films developed, processed, scanned and shipped thanks to Digiprint x LBC. 

I have quite a handful cameras in my collection now and my ultimate goal is to be able to afford and acquire a 35mm Leica camera (price range: $500 to $1000!!). Well actually, film cams are quite pricey now compared to how they were sold before. Back then, my mom even got an old 35mm for only 50 pesos! 

I got my first 35mm's from Jennie Castillo of Snapnook. She lives down South but since my mom at that time didn't believe in online shopping, I had to go all the way there to personally get the cameras. Jennie was very helpful and she taught and explained how to use each of the cameras I bought. She's currently the only film camera and accessories local seller I got to buy from. 

A month ago, I discovered Kamera Market Ph on Facebook. I haven't really tried this shop yet but the page and feedbacks are promising. 

[Update as of 9/5/17: I got to purchase a Fujica 35mm AF camera from Kamera Market Ph. I am just waiting for the item to arrive. I got to talk to Jaypee, which I'm guessing is the owner. Once you pay, he will then give further instructions on how to use the item.]

I bought my other cameras on Amazon and Ebay when I went to the US. You can try international shipping or have family and friends receive the package in their home and bring it when they will visit Manila or if you can't wait try personal shoppers. Here are a couple of good camera shops that you want to buy from and may want to follow too:


2. Film Cameras International


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