6 Things to Do in Taipei

I love Taiwan!!! I just can't stress it enough but I really am in love with this country! Aside from doing the touristy things like visiting Jiufen, exploring Pingxi, and going to the National Park there's actually a lot of things you need to try when you visit Taiwan. Do check out my top 6 things on what to do in Taipei, Taiwan!

1. Visit and eat at Addiction Aquatic Development

You will find delicious prawns, King Crabs, Salmon, sushi and a variety of food selections to choose from.

You can choose to dine in at the restos, have them cooked or buy your selected menu to go and eat outside the venue.

2. Eat at Tian Wai Tian Spicy  Hotpot 

Here you will find an overflowing selection of unlimited seafood, veggies, drinks, fruits and ice cream!

You order your choice of soup and beef, add your selected ingredients and eat all you can with a maximum duration of two (2) hours. 

3. Go to Ximending and try the following:

  • Eat the giant cheesy potato ball from Prince Cheese Potato
  • Try the Ay Chung Flour Rice Noodle Oyster Mee Sua
  • Drink and try the Dream Color  


4. Explore Yongkang Street

Yongkang street is a must-see in Taiwan! It's a small community located at Da'an district. This is where you'll find the famouse Kao Chi resto, Ten Ren Tea, Jb-Mart, Yong Kang Beef Noodles, Smoothie House and Thanh-Ky pancakes.

5. Try and find all the flavors of Taiwan's Chun Cui He drink

It's the famous drink you'll see in various grocery stores and 711's in Taiwan. It actually has nineteen (19) different flavors!!! 

6. Eat and relax at Sunny Hills at Songshan District

Taiwan is known for its Pineapple cake. They have different variations from different brands and SunnyHills is one of the most popular. I love the concept of warm tea while eating a delicious piece of Pineapple cake in the afternoon. The SunnyHills store located at Songshan district gives tourists a taste of what an afternoon tea in Taiwan looks and feels like. It's warm and peaceful perfect to enjoy with your family and friends.


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