The Perfect Investment in Every Closet

If you saw Real Living's feature on my small and cozy unit, you'll probably have an idea on how I needed a lot of storage space! I have tons of stuff cause I hoard things. I think I got to be a hoarder because of my mom's influence many years ago. I am still learning the art of letting go and the wisdom and self-control over the things I don't need to buy! 

Anyway, I am slowly trying to let go of some of the items I've hoarded throughout the years - starting with my clothes! I have tons of clothes, and I didn't even realize it because I keep on wearing the same thing over and over again! 

My closet was a mess. Most of the clothes were at the bottom of the rack, and I didn't even remember that I purchased them a long time ago! Thankfully, I got this velvet lined clothes hanger at Landers! I don't usually buy pricey ones, but the right product makes a difference!

I only had a handful of blazers and tops in this closet, but with my new clothes hanger, I got to fit a couple more items - like my coats, jeans and even my undergarments! 

The photo shows how the top of the rack looked like when I changed the hangers, this much was already making my closet full but see ok how it turned out.

 It was such a space saver that I managed to hang my pants too!!!

 Voila! Find these clothes hanger at Landers in packs of 35 and 50 under Php 1000!!!

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