The Perfect Travel Buddy

I try to aim and be able to master the art of travelling light but that's almost always (always!!!) not the case! Most of the time, I end up buying an additional carry on luggage just to fit the things I need to bring back home because I've already packed so much stuff. 

I don't know about how others travel, but I like to create a routine and packing list of my non-negotiable items. These are the items I need to bring every time I fly out. One item on my list is my Herschel small compact backpack. It's the perfect size and fits a whole lot of things like my Canon 80D, a tripod, an ecobag, an umbrella, my wallet, skyroam, charger, and 2 phones. Yes, it's definitely a life changer and most of all #chamiapproved! :)


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