Portraits on Film

I used to be obsessed with taking my camera everywhere. Taking random photographs of people and do photoshoots with friends. I had my very first dslr hand carried with love from Japan by my mom. I can still remember how she posted it on Multiply (our Facebook a few years ago) with the caption, “Hey Bebs, I bought your cam!” There I saw her posing with a huge BIC camera paper bag. That’s when I had my very first camera, a Nikon D70. I still have it up to this day. I just can’t let go of it because of sentimental value.

Anyway, as  for photography, I used to do small gigs and shoot people back in the day (lol am I that old?!). I got invited to weddings, Philippine Fashion Week, and other random events. That’s when I got introduced to Lomography, also known as creative photography and is usually shot with different specialty toy cameras.

A couple of months back, I purchased an old slr, a Canon AE-1. After I developed the first roll, my love affair for films had sparked once again.

See more of the photos taken by the AE-1:

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