Outside Seoul!

chami viray chamiapproved

My body is in Manila but my mind is still in Seoul. Posting one of the highlights from my trip all thanks to my grandfather's good friend for making this possible.

Abogi, which means "father" in Korean, took us to Seoungnam city to get a scrumptous meal. The place was quite popular to the locals and is not accessible by any public transportation so this was definitely a gem to discover!

We settled inside a small Hanok and the staff started to knock and deliver tons of food! The place was peaceful and is located near a mountain and a river (it was still frozen when we got there!). It was quite an interesting feat! I hope I'll be able to come back again to this wonderful place! 

P.S. You might me wondering what's the name of the resto. Unfortunately, everything is in Hanggul. Not even Google translate could give justice to the name of the place! Haha!

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