On Perspectives

I slept early last night. It was around 7 in the evening and woke up a little before midnight. It's almost 5 in the morning, and I still can't eat anything because I'm halfway through my fast. I remember my old routine a couple of years ago when I still train and workout. By this time, I would be done eating my breakfast, and I'm all set to go to the gym. 

Time goes by so fast, and I've always thought that I haven't done much in a year. When I look back and take the time to think about all the things I've done in my career and my life there were pretty good things that I did that made me who I am today.

A few months ago, I was ranting over how my life sucked and how I didn't grow career-wise. I was holding on to the thought of how my life would be if I pursued my career in the performing arts. I still had the heart to sing and perform, but certain situations won't allow me to take it as a full-time job.

I'm still in the process of understanding the career path that I took almost a decade ago. But one thing I'm sure of is that everything happens for a reason. Some things are hard to understand at first, but it will make sense in the coming days, weeks, months or even years! It's just a matter of perspective and how we continuously make an effort to take it all in and figure out what we need to do to go on with our lives.

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  • Chami on

    Gail! Thank you! This means a lot. I hope I get to see and talk to you again. It’s been a long time! I miss and love you!

  • Gail on

    Chami, this is gold. :) I agree with you that it’s really all a matter of perspective and how we view things according to God’s ultimate plan for all of us. It’s a privilege to be growing in faith with you at the same time taking this opportunity in letting you know that we are in this together. Let’s continue to face and embrace life as it happens, knowing we have Him as our guide and Savior. Love you always! :)

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