My Love for Kylie Cosmetics


Okay so I have been obsessed with the formulation of Kylie Jenner's lipkits! It's my go-to make-up and I bring it with me every single day!
So when she released her Silver Collection, I knew I had to get her lipstick and concealer!
First up are here créme lipsticks. I got it in the shades Amore and Truffle!
It's both love at first swipe. It's creamy and very pigmented. I love it to bits!
Next up is her concealer. I got it in the shade Pinenut. I really am not a make-up junkie but when I want to see and try the product that's the only time I buy it. So it was a surprise that somehow I get to choose my shades correctly just by browsing through the sample photos online. Whew.
I already made a test run of the products and used it the whole day and so far so good! I loved that I only had these Kylie products on my face that day and I'm so happy that it's easy to apply and it's very light on the face too! Definitely, #chamiapproved!

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