My 2016 Capsule Wardrobe

I am slowly adding content here on the blog from my previous site(s). Yes, with an "S" because I get to switch web hosting sites. Hopefully this will be the last one as I would love this to be my last site so I could move forward with my brand. 

Anyway, I have fallen in love with neutral colours a couple of years ago and I tried to put together my go-to outfits of my personal style. I got hooked with the idea of having a capsule wardrobe in my closet. A capsule wardrobe is defined as a collection of a person’s few clothing essentials that you can mix and match and doesn’t go out of style. Although it is mostly the only items in your closet, my capsule wardrobe consists of the items that I like to mix and match with the current items in my closet. So no, these aren’t the only clothes I own.

As you can see on my previous posts, I like neutral colours. My capsule items mainly consist of 2 pairs of jeans, 5 tops, 2 dresses, an overlay and a shawl. As I was building it, I tried to include the items that I love to repeat over and over again but still remains a classic. So if you’re building your own capsule wardrobe, I suggest to pick out the pieces that are classic and also items that are easy to wear and style.

I made this a year ago and this is still my colour palette up to today but I am slowly trying to incorporate little hints of hues every now and then.



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