Lush Shampoo Bars


I found out about the Lush shampoo bar through Fly with Stella and it is actually life changing! Definitely perfect for travelling! It smells good because it is packed with essential oils and natural ingredients. I know we have Lush stores here in Manila but the last time I checked they still don't carry shampoo bars. I only got a couple of bars in the US but thankfully during my last visit in Hong Kong, their Lush branch carried shampoo bars as well! 

Prices for the Lush shampoo bars are USD 10 (tax not yet included) and HKD 125. Tin cans are sold separately but I recently used mine and when the soaps get moist they get so soft and gooey and it's difficult to pull it out of the container all at once. So what I do is that I cut the soap into four (4) pieces so that it won't be difficult to use and pack at the same time.  

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