Letter from December 2016

Last year I celebrated NYE alone. Yes, alone. I felt lost and scared that’s why I wanted to be alone, gather my thoughts and figure out how I will be able to move forward this 2017. I wrote myself a letter on December 31, 2016 and had specific instructions that said “Chami, open this on December 2017.” I was shocked and I literally cried because a year went by so fast and it was like I wrote the whole summary of what my 2017 would be like!

Here are some snippets from the letter that I wanted to share, “...the truth is, you’re scared. You’re scared because everything will be hard and difficult and you don’t want to try. You’re scared because you give priority to your fears. You’re scared because you put God on the sideline and you wanted to control your life and you won’t take “no” for an answer.

2017 will be different. It will be a year of discoveries and victories. You will be you. You will be able to share a part of you to other people. You will make them happy. You will be able to give and share love to others. You will be Chami.

So trust God, Chami. Surrender everything to God and He will take care of everything for you. I pray that you release all your hate and anger and leave them this 2016. I know that you will have an amazing year to come. So sit back, hang tight and this will be one epic 2017 roller coaster ride. I can already hear you scream, “more, more, more!”...”

I cannot say if 2018 will be just as great or will be even better than my 2017 but I pray and hope for the best. As for all of you guys, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a wonderful year ahead!!!

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  • Chami on

    Hi Ate Anne! I’d like to this again next year. Thanks for sharing your NYE tradition!

  • Anne on

    I had three straight years of doing just that…spending NYE alone. I always find comfort in solitude. Happy New Year Chami. Cheers!

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