January 2018 Chami Approved Faves!

Finally posting my January faves here on the blog! I thought of posting my top two’s here and eventually have stocks on sale on the shop so that you guys will be able to buy and try the things that I love!

Here are my top two favourites for this month:

1. BYTO Multi Cleanser Facial Wash

This actually looks more like a candy than a facial cleanser. Other than its yummy cute looks it’s definitely perfect to bring around wherever you go because you won't worry about spills!

What I do is I get one piece of the facial bean and crush it with my fingers to get a powder like consistency. Then I add water and rub it on my face just like a normal cleanser.

2. Honey Cera Lip Balm

I have raved about the Honey Cera Lip Oil here and on my IG page. It’s one of the best lip treatments I have ever tried! So when I saw that Etude finally has the lip balm version I knew I had to try it. And yes, it didn’t disappoint. I now have one at home and one on the go because I loved it so much!

The Honey Cera line is not available here in the Philippines but don't worry!!! I got you covered! You'll be able to buy the Honey Cera balm and lip oil here on this site (I'll be posting it this week, promise!)! Just go and click the shop tab on the top portion of this page and you’ll be able to browse through the store photos!


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