I Got a Dog!

I recently got a dog. Yes. A dog. A close friend of mine would do everything to stop me from getting one because he knows my history with canine's but as usual typical me went on to buy one yet again! 

His name is Justin. Justin (the) Beagle. Get it? Cause of Justin Bieber. LOL! My friend gave him that name and I was laughing my heart out and I eventually sticked with it. Anyway, he's been with me for only a week and I think I didn't even get this far with all my previous dogs. He now knows how to sit and stay (for about 3 seconds but yay for progress!). It takes A LOT of patience and perseverance to teach a dog even my friends got amazed. Now the only thing left for me is consistency. Geeez. I'm literally scared but I hope everything will turn out well for him and for me. Haha!

I now leave you with pictures from his first day with us and his first time to the vet!

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