Hello From Guam!

I had a spontaneous trip to Guam a week ago. I went there to assist my mom's bff. I actually thought of going to the mainland since my best friends were both in NY and SF. Almost the same time last year since I went to both cities too! Anyway, since I was in Guam I took the opportunity to replenish my stocks of Airbornes and other vitamins. 

It's my first time in Guam and yes, of course, the heat bothered me lol but luckily I researched about Stroll (their Uber alternative) so we had no difficulty in getting around. So whenever you're in Guam do download Stroll in advance so you can get around easily plus it's cheaper than their taxis too!

The weather in Guam was a mix of heat, rain and cool breeze from the sea. So naturally, I became sick the moment I arrived back in Manila. The thing that surprised me with Guam is the availability of tetra packs and small packaging of goods. The big and family sized serving is still naturally part of their US customs but I was so happy that they had single and small-sized packaged goods!



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