An Amala Reunion in Manila

Two years ago, I went on a spontaneous adventure and went to Bhutan, and it instantly became one of the best trips I have ever had! Bhutan is also known as The Last Shangrila, and The Land of Happiness is a peaceful country that I would surely come back to in the next few years. 

I have kept a good relationship with my tour guides, specifically Mani, and we still communicate up to this date. So when I got the invitation to a reunion with his company, we immediately messaged each other. The luncheon was a small gathering to unite old and new guests to partake and reminisce on what Bhutan had to offer. In this case, Amala, the company that made all the land and travel arrangements for me, brought Bhutanese food for all guests to devour and appreciate.

It was such a treat to be able to eat Bhutanese food again! Their food menu mainly consists of chilies and cheese. Oh, and a food tip, if you're ever planning on the two-week trip to Bhutan, you might want to load up on meat whenever you're given the chance during your stay cause you won't be able to eat meat in all their food selections. You'll mostly be eating cheese, chilies, and veggies!


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