A #ChamiApproved Project with Decor Me Happy

I like decorating homes. I always go for the black, gray, white and a little bit of wood look. It's actually my dream to live in a different country and to decorate it by myself and get made to measure furniture items from IKEA. But since I'm living in Manila (for now!) for my previous homes, I asked the help of Interior Decorators Elle and Ella. I think I've been consistent with my home design ever since my first home. I moved to a new apartment three years ago and Ella did a fantastic job with the overall interiors of my place.  Unfortunately, I'm quite the hoarder of things. My stuff can't fit in a super small apartment so I asked Elle of Decor Me Happy to help me make a few changes and to add more storage space in this little space of mine.

The pictures posted on this blog are the ones taken when Elle was documenting the place for her YouTube channel.

Since the space is 80% done all I need is to sort out my stuff and do proper styling and then we're ready for the reveal! Hope we can finish everything soon because I'm so excited for my friends to come over!!! :D






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