30 and Beyond : Yes, I'm Battling Depression (15 of 365)

August 13, 2018 (9:56pm)

A couple of life updates.

A few days in August and I'm finally putting up the pace. Only a handful of friends and family knew about my battle with depression and anxiety. Yes, I've been battling with those sicknesses for years since second-year high school! So there. The secret is out. I get attacks every now and then and it would last for months! But I'm still here. To tell you the truth, I have edited this blog entry almost 20 times since last week. I wasn't feeling it but I wanted to write a lot of things, then again I couldn't even write anything substantial.

Moving on, I still haven't publicly announced this 30 Beyond 30 series since I'm still figuring out what will be my topics for the coming weeks or will I just be spontaneous? I think I'll better go with the latter and just put my journey out there. What do you think? 


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