Birthday Blues

July 22, 2020

Here's to celebrating my birthday under this new normal. I still wanted it to have a simple cake with a hidden colorful twist. I asked my friend, Sam, to make one for me and this rainbow cake didn't disappoint. It was delivered a day before my actual birthday but I couldn't wait to cut it open. 

There's been so much hate and chaos happening in the world today and in my life. Lately, it's been so hard for me to think about the bright side or any happy thoughts. I had to abruptly stop my medication last January due to some circumstances. I've been crying every day and it's mentally exhausting.  I can't control my mind and it sucks. 

Going back to my birthday, I love my cake. It makes me feel giddy and happy just by looking at it. I thank God for another year and hopefully, my 30 or so year (lol!) will be much better than last year. 

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