Let's Talk About Trust

May 03, 2019

Circa 2012
My water baptism with Ps. Paolo and Ate Glo
Back in December of last year, I was able to attend my Victory group's Seed Giving event. This was the time of the year where we share what we're believing and praying for in the coming year. I was browsing through our messenger feed and read through our Faith goals for 2019. My word for the year is TRUST.

What is TRUST? Such a simple word that gives a tremendous impact on our lives. A word that I would never take for granted. I have been through situations where people would take advantage of the trust I have instilled in the relationship - I've seen it done by other people to my friends, my loved ones, and most especially to me. To trust is a risk. I believe that to trust and to love goes hand in hand. It goes beyond the mind and goes deep in the heart too.

God has been testing me for the past months. It has been a test on trust and issues with the heart. What I've realized is that it will always boil down to faith, love and total surrender.

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