Waddup, East Coast!

July 06, 2017

My short, sweet and quick getaway a few months back! I went to New York, New Jersey, Baltimore and Washington DC in a span of one week! Hah. My jet lag didn't have enough time to kick in. My body was well adjusted with the time difference. 

It’s been almost over a decade since I last visited this city and well duh… a lot of things have changed! I went there to visit relatives and friends and also watch a Broadway show! I only had a few days in NYC since I was with my cousins who were first-timers in the East Coast so I tagged along their city tour made by our uncle (thanks Tito Jun!!!). We arrived in NYC mid-May where the weather would change drastically from very hot to very cold due to the season transition from Spring to Summer.

What's great about my trip is when my best friend surprised me and went to NYC too! We had the time of our lives - eating and shopping until 3am!!!

Here are my NYC snapshots.

Oh did you know that we met Buddy Velastro from Cake Boss too? I always watch him on tv and it was so surreal that I saw him in person!!! That happened during my first day and it made my whole trip already!

The following days in NYC were scorching hot! AHHH!! I really cannot move in the heat so these were the only photos I took at Central Park. Sa mga talahib mga beshies. LOL! The second photo I took was when I waited for my cousins while they stroll some parts of the park and I just ate popsicles and sat on the bench. Thinking about this now, I would still do this if the weather was still 30 degrees!

I also posed outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral and got two (2) gold coins for my grandfather (I was able to give it to him before he passed away!) and my aunt!

New York is a great city but definitely not for me. It’s just too much. Too busy. Too crowded. And if you knew me long enough, I hate crowded places. It was definitely a fun experience and I will definitely go back to watch more broadway shows, but other than that, I’m good with staying and chilling in Paramus instead.

It was definitely a short and quick trip to NYC but I definitely had fun! Right after a week, my cousins and I parted ways. They were off to Florida and I went to (crazy and fun) San Francisco. ‘Til my next post!!!

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