Hello from Chubbly!

June 19, 2017

Hi guys! Allow me to formally introduce myself - I'm Chami Viray, founder and Creative Director of this fun and spontaneous RTW brand, Chubbly!
I first started Chubbly as my thesis project back in college while I was studying Fashion Design and Marketing at SoFA Design Institute. It was the year 2011 that I pitched my idea and by 2012, I was joining local bazaars and have been part of Rockwell's Retail Lab.
Unfortunately, the brand was on and off for about five (5) years because aside from this I also have another 24/7 job and that is being actively involved in the family business. So finally, about a year ago, I have decided to put Chubbly on hold and was on an indefinite break.
Fast forward to today, I am slowly trying to go back where I left off because I realized that having Chubbly makes me happy. It gives me a sense of happiness and fulfilment. I've been trying to find the thing that would really make me happy and would eventually let me say, "I love my job"!
So here's to another attempt at Chubbly's successful run!

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